Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Content for a teaching induction program

Dear All

As part of the work that the Fellowship team will do to capture a snap shot of contemporary teaching induction provision in the Australian higher education sector, it would be useful to provide directors of programs a list of possibilities in order to determine the content coverage of current programs.

Below are examples of the some possible items for the list. It would be particularly helpful if you can suggest others. Of course we will provide the opportunity for program directors to indicate content covered that isn't in our list.

Teaching first classes
Online teaching
Key education concepts
Learning theories
Curriculum design
Learning and teaching policies
University Teaching expectations
Scholarly teaching




Thursday, 1 September 2016

Principles to underpin the online learning and teaching induction program

Dear Colleagues

I'd like to have your input into the sorts of principles that you think ideally would underpin the learning and teaching induction program that we develop through this fellowship. While we don't yet know the form that the program will take, we do know that it will be fully online and that it is unlikely that any one person will be moderating the program (so many things to consider in designing the program).

I believe that it will be extremely useful if we could identify some core principles that underpin the work that we do. In this way, when we have decisions to make about the program, we can go back to the principles when needed.

Below are some principles that the Fellowship Reference Group have suggested for our consideration. I would love your opinion on these and also other principles that you would like us to consider.



The program is:

  1. engaging
  2. based in the context of the participant's work environment - relevant, authentic
  3. structured so that participants can easily see what pathway through the program best suits them
  4. brief, providing layers of information so that the participant has the choice to engage at a surface level of the topic/module or to delve further
  5. task oriented such that participants are asked to explore their own organisation and share what they find
  6. linked to institutional imperatives.